Awesome Illusion – Pretty Celebs Turn Ugly

While ago I have posted an interesting optical illusion videoshowing relatively unknown distorting effect in action. This recently discovered phenomena uses god-knows what kind of trickery to distort ordinary (even beautiful) faces into ugly caricatures.

It’s also worth mentioning that the discovery was made by accident, or – pure luck if you will. Perhaps someone was listing still photographs of people’s portraits, while his/her focus drifted away from their faces. If you’re interested to learn more about the effect, you should check our previous article on this topic.

But for now – just sit back, relax and play the clip. Just don’t forget to follow the instructions given at the very beginning (focus your eyes on the white cross in the center). So, what have you experienced? Could it be that this is how drug-addicts experience the world around them? Dunno..

Keep your eyes on the cross!